Free Fire Gameplay Tips – Tutorial How to Play & Get Booyah

Free Fire Gameplay Tips – Tutorial How to Play & Get Booyah
Free Fire Gameplay Tips – Tutorial How to Play & Get Booyah

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Free Fire Gameplay Tips – Tutorial How to Play & Get Booyah
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Free Fire Gameplay Tips will give you a tutorial on how to play from the game developed by 111dots Studio, and published by Garena and has become the number 1 mobile game in 22 countries, and the Top 5 Games in 50 countries.

Unlike other games in the same genre, free fire does not require large volume space and the minimum specifications are too high for installation, for the Android min. OS 4.0 Ice Cream, Intel Quad Core CPU, 1GB RAM, 600MB storage, while for iOS min. OS 8.0, 1GB RAM, 600MB storage.

Play Free Fire Battlegrounds on PC Windows 10 8 7 Vista XP with Bluestacks and Nox Player. Also install for Mac,for the steps, click this link.

How to play garena free firegarena free fire tips and tricks

Because only giving the BOOYAH (victory) title to one person/duo/group with four people, then Garena Free Fire Gameplay is of course not so easy to conquer. This game raises curiosity and addiction for players to reach the highest rank. To win the game, we will provide some tips for you to play this favorite game.

Free Fire Tips

Tips on Playing Free Fire – Battlegrounds:

  1. A landing place is one of the essential factors so you can have the opportunity to complete your weaponry.Find some healing kits so you can fill your blood after facing your opponent.And make sure you get a bag so you can carry lots of ammunition in battle.
  2. Dispose of all unused or rarely used equipment and supplies, especially if you find that the level is much higher than what you keep in your backpack.
  3. If you have enough space, save whatever ammunition you find, because one day you will probably need it when you see a weapon that matches the ammo you saved.
  4. Do not stay too long in the open, especially if there are buildings nearby, keep running and anticipate the presence of enemies.You can squat to enter the house so that the enemy does not hear your footsteps and also increases shot accuracy. Prone is very useful to use on the grass and walls that are not high, so the mush does not know your whereabouts.However, if the enemy sees you, it’s better to run and get into the safe zone as soon as possible.
  5. Pay attention if there is help through the air, follow where the plane goes, and when you see a chest dropped, you have to pick up the chest quickly but be careful that you will most likely find another player who is also eyeing the chest.
  6. Make sure you have all the essential equipment to fight, such as medical equipment, weapons, head, and body protectors.And pay attention to weapons support equipment, namely bullets, foregrip, scope, muzzle, and magazine.Foregrip to reduce recoil, scope to increase shot accuracy, magazine to increase bullet capacity in one shot, and muzzle to increase damage from weapons.However, if you haven’t had time to find all the equipment and meet other players, you can escape from them.
  7. When you have a vehicle, of course, you can save time to get to your destination.However, driving in this game is also risky because the opponent easily finds your whereabouts.Drive the existing car to a safe point then continue the journey on foot.
  8. The selection of weapons is critical because each arm has its advantages and disadvantages, but what is often used by players is the Assault Rifle which is a long and useful barrel for all distances (medium – far).Then the Shotgun M1014 is very capable for close range.For a handgun, use it for secondary weapons.Then the ultimate gun obtained from airdrops like Groza and AWM, you must fight with other players. Don’t forget to use the aim feature, so that it can increase accuracy.
  9. Minimal is not only useful to tell where you are but also to find where there is a threat.If other players attack you, look at the minimap. There you will see that there is a blinking red in whatever direction the shot came from, then you can search for the player, or run away.In the minimap, you can detect the sound of weapons that you use or belong to the enemy, but now there is a silencer (muzzle slot) that you can use so that the map cannot detect the sound of guns.
  10. Be careful with safe zones marked by green and white circles that shrink during games and players must be in this place. Blue zone is an area outside the blue circle that is dangerous because it can damage and kill players if it’s too long in thisregion. Anda temporary zone, marked with a yellow color that will be covered by the blue area if the timer runs out.

Garena Free Fire tips and tricks – In combat, it is better to avoid gunfire with enemies, use weapons only if necessary, and many hides because our goal is to survive to the end. Try playing with friends to make it more fun and easy to coordinate. Sharing the loot, informing the location of the enemy and the landing site, managing the strategy with the team, etc. I recommend that you play in Classic mode for those of you who are beginners. Install Free Fire on PC

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